We often hear the phrases “my cellar is enough wine cellar for me” or “no one needs a wine storage”. Of course, we can understand such sentences, because not everyone actually needs their own wine storage. Take my mother, for example: she prefers to drink a simple Primitivo or a Malbec for little money from the discount store. Of course, storage doesn’t make much sense. Such wines are usually trimmed with a lot of technology for immediate enjoyment.

Store warm, and enjoy faster?

Even to store wines for only a few months, the coolest place in your home will do. As a rule, this is the normal household cellar. Some people may think that if the wines are stored with him in the warm cellar, they simply mature faster and he can enjoy them earlier. But if you think this, you’re wrong, and you’re wrong big time. A test with white wine showed clearly perceptible sensory differences. Thus, the fruit aroma decreases by up to half if you store the wine at 22 degrees instead of the recommended 12 to 14 degrees (Schneider). So it has been scientifically proven that it makes absolute sense to store wines professionally.
Aged wines are great experiences when they are stored properly (c) weinkellerschweiz.ch
Adrian van Velsen of vvWine.ch came to a similar conclusion when he gathered experience in a ten-year trial with a Bordeaux wine from the 2004 vintage. His experiment revealed that his optimally stored wine was the one that looked the most youthful. This means that aging with cool storage also promises the longest enjoyment with red wine. So if you are planning to put aside some wine from the vintage of your grandson’s, daughter’s or son’s birth so that he/she can enjoy it later, then remember: without a suitable wine cellar, the enjoyment will be diminished or even impossible after 20 years. If you are now saying “no one needs that”, then you have probably never had the pleasure of drinking a well-aged wine. We assure you, it is a delight! So if you are interested in a wine storage compartment, inquire about a free space in one of our wine cellars today.Wenn Sie also Interesse an einem Weinlagerabteil haben, so fragen Sie noch heute nach einem freien Platz in einem unserer Weinkeller an.