We stand behind Weinkeller Schweiz

Philipp Uehlinger

Founder of Weinkeller Schweiz

Wine has not always been at the center of my life, but in fact, it has accompanied me at the family table since my childhood. Since 1991 I have been involved with high-quality wines and following the development in viticulture, and what results from it. With my knowledge and passion, I want to share with others the joys and emotions that great, mature wines evoke. so I bring all the experience I have gained over the years to our business – so that you can be sure with as little effort as possible that they enjoy your wine for a long time and you get the most out of it.

Stefan Keiser

Co-Founder Weinkeller Schweiz

As a real estate professional and specialist in building services, I ensure the safe storage of your wines.

Rainer Schönfeld

I was born in 1969 in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, grew up in Düsseldorf and came to wine in 1994 during my doctoral studies through a laboratory colleague from Italy. Cooking and wine have remained my passion ever since. For me, wine is a pleasure with which I deal as a hedonist and connoisseur every day. As a scientist and chemist, I also follow with interest the research on the chemistry of wine – scientific knowledge and mystical wine experience are not mutually exclusive for me.

I lived and worked on three different continents. I used the experience to become intensively involved with foreign cuisines and the regional wines. I like to spend my vacations in wine regions in Germany, the rest of Europe and all over the world. Professionally, I work in a technology industry that has no connection to wine.

As a lover and connoisseur of aged wines, I deal intensively with many topics, especially the handling of awesome and sometimes very old wines. I write in irregular intervals for Weinkeller Schweiz so that I can share my knowledge