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We would like to share our knowledge with you. Here you will find our latest articles on the subject of wine.

What is happening in Chemical and physical processes during wine storage

Wine storage is a complex subject: Why do many wines improve when the bottles lie in a cool, dark cellar for years? Why is temperature important in wine storage? What happens to a bottle of wine while it is aging in the cellar? And what happens instead when it is mistreated on the mantel? These are the questions I want to explore in this post. Most wines are ready to drink when they hit the market, and they don't get better with prolonged cellaring. They will also only last a few years before they are over. Meant are almost all [...]

By |3. January 2022|Weinlager, Weinlager|

What affects the storage life of wine?

Wine has four natural enemies: sunlight, heat, strong temperature fluctuations, and oxygen. All of these factors destroy the fine aromas and balance of the wine. Therefore, care must be taken during storage to ensure that these elements have as little influence as possible. But the wine itself also has certain ingredients that make it durable. The higher the content of these substances, the longer the wine can be stored and the higher its aging potential. These shelf-life factors reflect the traditional preservation methods for food: sugaring (e.g. for jam), acidifying (e.g. for pickles), salting (e.g. for ham), smoking (e.g. for [...]

By |28. March 2023|Weinlager, Weinlager, wine knowledge|

What does Biological Acid Degradation (BSA) mean?

Malolactic fermentation is a natural biochemical process in which malic acid is converted into lactic acid. This process is often used in winemaking to produce wines with a softer acidity and rounder flavor. BSA usually takes place after alcoholic fermentation and is carried out by lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacillus called "Oenococcus oeni" and Pediococcus. During BSA, the bacteria convert the malic acid contained in the must or wine into lactic acid. This leads to an increase in the pH in the wine, which in turn helps to inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria and yeasts and makes the [...]

By |8. March 2023|wine knowledge|

We debunk 8 myths about wine storage

Storing wine is an ancient art, but not a mysterious one. Nor is it overly complicated. In fact, it's quite simple: wine lasts longer and tastes better when stored in an environment that resembles a wine cellar. But if you've ever leafed through a beautiful home magazine or watched one of the many popular home improvement programmes, you might think that there are several ways to store wine. And indeed, there are designers who turn wine into an accessory, using the bottles as a form of artistic expression, completely ignoring the practical needs of the wine. However, if you collect [...]

By |17. February 2023|Weinlager|

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