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What is happening in Chemical and physical processes during wine storage

Wine storage is a complex subject: Why do many wines improve when the bottles lie in a cool, dark cellar for years? Why is temperature important in wine storage? What happens to a bottle of wine while it is aging in the cellar? And what happens instead when it is mistreated on the mantel? These are the questions I want to explore in this post. Most wines are ready to drink when they hit the market, and they don't get better with prolonged cellaring. They will also only last a few years before they are over. Meant are almost all [...]

By |3. January 2022|Weinlager, Weinlager|

Primeur 2023 the ratings

All wine ratings for the Bordeaux Primeur 2023, or: “And the groundhog greets us daily” As always, we have a very good year, if not the second best. But seriously, it can't be the best, because the price drop in this year's primeur campaign is unparalleled. With up to minus 40%, they are trying to get buyers back on board. Completely detached from the price discussion are the assessments of the honored wine critics, who do the hard work for us and on whom we can rely year after year. You can read an analysis of the Bordeaux 2023 price [...]

By |19. May 2024|Bordeaux|

Dramatic price developments for Bordeaux wines

Causes and effects on the luxury wine market The primeur tastings in Bordeaux are still ongoing, while the fastest journalists have already published their ratings. At the same time, the subscription of the 2023 vintage is picking up speed. The first prices for consumers have arrived on the market and show a significant development. Top houses such as Léoville Las Cases and Pontet Canet have set the monetary direction for this year's price campaign with prices of 66 euros ex negocient and 89 euros for consumers. Price reductions of 30-40% compared to last year represent a massive statement and are [...]

By |8. May 2024|Bordeaux|

Burgundy at a crossroads?

Burgundy may be at a crossroads. Will everything be the same after 2021 and 2022? Traveling through Burgundy, a region so rich in history that even the vines have stories to tell, is an adventure for the senses, especially when it comes to wine. As you stroll through the picturesque landscapes, you could almost think that the vines are whispering the secrets of perfect Burgundy to you. But something has changed in recent years; it feels like Burgundy is at a historical crossroads, almost as dramatic as a Shakespearean drama, only with more wine and fewer monologues. The wine world [...]

By |10. April 2024|Uncategorized|

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