Wine storage Luzern

6005 Luzern

Tasting perfect maturity and drinking wine at its peak is the greatest pleasure for you?

Do you love good wines but have no space for professional storage? Then use our wine cellar, because a wine climate control cabinet can do a lot – but does not replace the ideal conditions of a wine cellar.

We offer you the perfect wine storage in the middle of Lucerne where nothing is left to chance. At a constant temperature of 12° and 70% humidity, your wine will be stored just right with us .

Of course, your personal wine storage compartment in Lucerne, is permanently climate-controlled, is accessible to you at all times, and, thanks to a parking facility directly by the elevator, is also easy for you to reach. A scooter is available for your transport to the wine cellar.

Advantages and services at a glance

  • 24h, 7 days a week access to the wine cellar
  • Constant storage temperature of 12° Celcius
  • Constant humidity of 70%
  • Attractive purchasing conditions with our partners
  • We issue a storage certificate for your wines on request
  • Secured and video-monitored storage rooms

Compartment sizes

Up to 750 bottles: Per month for only: CHF 62.-


Registration fee: CHF 100.-
Key deposit: CHF 100.-

Cancellation period

Three months in advance of the end of a semester


For business customers: On request
For private customers: It is the responsibility of the tenant (adjust household insurance according to the value of the wines stored and with storage address).