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We would like to share our knowledge with you. Here you will find our latest articles on the subject of wine.

Farewell to Château Angélus

Will the departure of Château Angélus from the Saint-Émilion classification system have an impact on wine sales? The classification system in Bordeaux has been in place since 1855 when Napoleon III demanded it. And in the future? Perhaps it needs a new emperor again to enforce a new wine classification. Because originally no wine from Saint-Emilion made it into this 1855 classification, the region's leaders decided, 100 years later, to create their own classification, which would be updated about every 10 years. But France no longer has a dictator, and perhaps the American culture is more influential than they want [...]

By |6. January 2022|Bordeaux|

What is happening in Chemical and physical processes during wine storage

Wine storage is a complex subject: Why do many wines improve when the bottles lie in a cool, dark cellar for years? Why is temperature important in wine storage? What happens to a bottle of wine while it is aging in the cellar? And what happens instead when it is mistreated on the mantel? These are the questions I want to explore in this post. Most wines are ready to drink when they hit the market, and they don't get better with prolonged cellaring. They will also only last a few years before they are over. Meant are almost all [...]

By |3. January 2022|Uncategorized|

Wine cork defects

Cork defects are for the garbage can. Have I already mentioned that? Annoyed by some bottles spoiled by cork faults (TCA), I wrote the other day that there are no longer any technical reasons for using a cork as a wine closure. As I've mentioned several times before, in addition to the risk of cork failure, i.e., contamination of the wine with TCA, natural corks also have the disadvantage that their oxygen transmission rate (OTR) can vary over several powers of ten. In fact, the nano- or micro-oxidation associated with low OTR, which benefits the few wines that require long [...]

By |8. December 2021|Uncategorized|

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