Here you will find practical links around the topic of wine

Weinfreunde Schweiz
A map with wine locations in various countries
Scale of points of the most important wine critics in Bordeaux
Interactive map about Burgundy and its vineyards
Interactive map about Barolo and its vineyards
The app for wine tasting

Here you will find links to swiss bloggers since 2006 one of the first swiss wine blogs Geschmack ist individuell
Yves Beck Wine Our Swiss-flagship in the Top 20 Winecritics Worldwide
Victor’s Wineblog Everything but ordinary

Here you will find competent wine merchants

Martel (USA/F/CH)
Smith & Smith (Natur & Fine Wine)
Baur au Lac Vins (Fine Wine)
Caratello (Italien)
Cave BB (Bordeaux, Fine Wine)
Lucullus (Fine Wine & Champagner)
Le Millésimes (Frankreich)
Boucherville (Deutschland)
Brancaia (CH/I/F) (Winzer-Champagner)
Magnus Vinum (Burgunder & Champagner) (Fine Wine)

On our own behalf:

Concept in Time (Concept Store with high quality products from Switzerland – for your more enjoyable life) the other wine store